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The Diligent Woman Podcast

Welcome to The Diligent Woman Podcast.

Each episode gives you encouragement and practical tips so you can let go of the guilt and get busy being more diligent about your daily walk with the Lord. 

Join Angela Legg - the Diligent Woman - to see how to apply God's word to daily life. She talks about Bible study methods, creating a thriving prayer routine, learning about relationships from scripture, and all any Proverbs 31 woman needs to learn.

So relax and get ready to become a Diligent Woman. 

Mar 1, 2022

Angela explores whether or not the Bible can be considered a textbook for life.

Learn more about studying the Bible like a Textbook here: 

Study the Bible Like a Textbook for Women  

How to Study the BIble with a Bible Marking System

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